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Opening Prayer for One America Movement Board Meeting (6/29/17)

Opening Prayer for One America Movement

Board Meeting (6/29/17)

(c) Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Dear God, Creator Who Binds us All to One Another,

We ask for Your help this day. We know that there is no rest for the righteous. So we do not ask for rest. But we do ask for Your strength in our spirits as we engage in this sacred work as sisters and brothers.

We, as leaders of the One America Movement, dedicate ourselves to rebuilding our country, to repairing our world, and, perhaps most importantly, to we promise do all of this together.

We stand against the callousness that manifests as a readiness to see “the other” as “less than.” Mindful of Your Image in the faces of every human being, we are acknowledge that every voice on every side of every issue is obligated as one to start the work of reweaving the fabric of America faster than anyone might unravel it.

Your many Names are One, and so shall we be.

Please God, help us keep fierce feeling alive in our souls.

Grace us, God. Please. We need more hope than ever so that we can achieve justice for more people than have it today.

We ask You, God, to support elected officials, religious leaders, and business owners alike, gay and straight alike, atheists and faithful alike, as we aim to dignify the rich and the poor - alike.

Right here and right now, as committed witnesses and willing friends, we pledge stand and act together as part of the sacred effort. We are proud to pray as Muslim, Christian, Jewish sisters and brothers to You, the Oneness Who binds us all to one another supports and blesses our service to bring kindness back into our National discourse.

May this year be a better one throughout this complicated and blessed Nation, and throughout Creation, thanks to the actions we are called to take on behalf of the most vulnerable, each one a sparkling, dignified reflection of the Divine.


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