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After Orlando

After Orlando (c) Rabbi Menachem Creditor
Dear Chevreh, 

Yet again. Again. Gun violence. But more. Bigger. the biggest in American history. And targeting the LGBT community. On a Latino-themed evening. 
And for us, on Shavuot. Many of us still reveling (and tired) from the amazing East Bay Tikkun Leyl Shavuot. I found myself frustrated by the inability to share thoughts, read the thoughts of others online due to the traditional observance of the Holiday. 
My reflection about how it felt at Netivot Shalom Sunday morning, are well represented in this Times of Israel article by Amanda Borschel-Dan, which covered my work with Rabbis Against Gun Violence. This article, by Rob Gloster, in this coming week's J Weekly brings many Jewish voices together in response to the attack on Pulse, upon the LGBT community, upon us all. 
Chevreh, I'm writing for several reasons. 
The Filibuster on the floor of the Senate last night, led by CT Senator Chris Murphy, joined by 40 other senators, including …

We're done praying. Join the movement. Join us at Rabbis Against Gun Violence.

A few things are clear, having been forced into tense contemplation by the now-over holiday of Shavuot: We're done praying. The attack on Queer people in Orlando - the worst gun massacre in American history - during the one year anniversary week of the shooting massacre in a Black Charleston church, is a tipping point. Here's part of what that means: any elected official who votes with NRA will lose their seat - including Democrats. Here's another thing that's clear: we're done with moments of silence and we're done with prayers. If faith isn't something we practice with our bodies, the blood spilled in this American ‪#‎GunViolence‬ epidemic is on our hands. We don't have to live this way. Join the movement. Join us at Rabbis Against Gun Violence. Tomorrow will be too late. We've got work to do. Stand with your LGBTQ brothers and sisters. And get moving. This election we take our lives back from the ‪#‎NRA‬.

Interfaith letter to Obama re: Central American migrants - deadline Wednesday 6/8

Dear Chevreh,
I invite you to join HIAS in signing the attached interfaith letter to President Obama, urging him to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Central America with fair and humane solutions such as granting Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for El Salvador,  Guatemala, and Honduras. Text of the letter is pasted below. Along with our partners in the Interfaith Immigration Coalition, we are seeking sign-ons from national and local faith-based organizations as well as faith leaders. Please share this opportunity with anyone who might be interested.
Click here to sign prior to Wednesday, June 8 at 12pm EST.

An early chag sameach!

Kol Tuv, Menachem

Rabbi Menachem Creditor Rabbi, Congregation Netivot Shalom Chair, Rabbis Against Gun VIolence (#RAGV) ▶ To join Rabbi Creditor's email list, send a blank email to! ***
Interfaith Letter re: Central American Migration
June 2, 2016
President Bara…

Orange Isn't Enough

Orange Isn't Enough
(c) RabbiMenachem Creditor
Can a color change the world?
It cannot bring back the dead.
For those do I weep... And yet we all know how little weeping will do.
If tears had the power to make the difference,
there would be no more suffering. Guns. Wretched, terrible things.
Money. Horrible, corrupting thing. These Orange images,
fierce eyes, lit landmarks,
survivors, children,
scarred by Gun Violence over and over and over
and over and over and
over and over and over
and... and. We will wear the color of the hunted.
We are all, each, all
hunted. Hunted by the responsibility to end madness,
the idolatry of a weapon. Our American culture is being twisted by the scared,
manipulated by greedy, faceless, gunmakers
and weak, bought politicians. To say it is enough is to say too little.
It is more than enough.
It was always too much. To say enough with every next Gun Violence death
is a national blasphemy. Offering tears and prayers.
Posting updates,
temporarily change your color o…

A Prayer for the #UCLA Community after a #Shooting

A Prayer for the #UCLA Community after a #Shooting
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor
Please, please, please God, let this end! Make us servants that finally remember that to serve You is to save each other.
May there be no more violence. May these unceasing tears find their ways into the walls and halls and servants of justice. And if those who are called to lead do no not chart a path toward life, toward safety, toward common sense, remind us that we choose our leaders. We choose our leaders. These coming days this coming year, every vote and every law and every lobbiest - they are called now and tomorrow, and forevermore: choose life.
In the name of all our fallen, innocent students and teachers and pastors and caregivers and police officers and young black men and women and mothers and grandfathers and nurses and fathers and children: it is enough. It is more than we can bear.
Guns are ugliness. The right to defend oneself is not to be corrupted into the freedom to kill another, to worship…