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“Alone, Together” (Yom Kippur 5776/2015)

“Alone, Together” (Yom Kippur 5776/2015) © Rabbi Menachem Creditor
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Olam Chesed Yibaneh. We will build this world from love. (Ps. 99:3)
Tonight we stand humbled. We sway. We touch our own hearts and reach for each other’s. We sing. We cry. We reunite. Tonight, we heal by allowing in the pain and vulnerability and the hope – all of it.
On the one hand, Yom Kippur leads us to look within: How have I failed during the year gone by?
On the other, we speak in the collective: AshamNU, BagadNU. WE have been guilty, WE have done wrong.
And so, tonight, we are here and we are there, spanning the globe as the Gathered Jewish People, more of us together for Kol Nidrei than on any other night. We are individuals and we are community and we are a People. Tonight, we are alone together, the kind of soulful group Billy Joel once pointed to when he sang, “Yes, they’re sharing a drink they call loneliness, but it’s better than drinking alone.…

The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained

I'm begging you to watch this video about the 4 million Syrian Refugees who are your sisters and brothers. Seriously. Please watch it. It's not long. It's a mitzvah. A Big one.
You'll understand how this started, what's happening, and what you - YOU - are called to do. Please. Please, watch. Then make a significant gift to HIAS, whose important work with refugees is driven by Jewish values. THEN: share this video with everyone you know. Twice. 
May we remember our sisters and brothers this Yom Kippur. If we don't, we have no right to expect forgiveness.
- menachem

Enough [a #poem]


Rabbi Menachem Creditor

From the intense urgency of every screaming headline,
it would seem like there isn't enough of anything to go around:

But we know that isn't true.
There is enough.
We have enough.

We just haven't decided to share well,
to truly expect goodness of each other.

This world and every beating heart on its blessed face
ache to be reborn, to be loved, to be shared.

We have enough.
We have more than enough.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Petition to Stop DOJ Funding Corporate Gun Lobby

Good Morning,

I am not sure if you are aware but the DOJ labeled the entire community of Newtown "Victims of 12/14" therefore we are truly disappointed that the DOJ made a decision to give our tax dollars to NSSF, a Newtown-based corporate gun lobby who has fought any and all sensible gun laws.  
Thank you to Ladd Everett from CSGV for creating this petition on moments notice.  Please help by signing and sharing our petition.

Best Regards, Po Murray Chairman, Newtown Action Alliance & The Newtown Foundation

Facebook: Sign up for e-mail action alerts: Twitter: @newtownaction Website:
For Immediate Release
September 17, 2015
Media Contacts:
John Kelley 917-679-6475

Ladd 202-701-7171

Petition Campaign Calls on Department of Ju…

May We Know Each Other: A 9/11 Prayer

May We Know Each Other: A 9/11 Prayer
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor As a New Yorker on that day, alongside countless others in the face of horror, I remember the kindness that pervaded everyone's beings. We knew each other that day, through the pain. That kindness that poured from so many no-longer-strangers... May we share it again with no prompt in the name of those we lost - and what we, as a world, lost that day. Blessings of love and healing to the whole world today. May we know each other.

"Today" -- A Rosh HaShannah Prayer to End Gun Violence

"Today" -- A Rosh HaShannah Prayer to End Gun Violence
(c) Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Dear God,
God, we stand waiting for a world,
this world,
our world
to be reborn. 
It's not a statement we make lightly;
it is a statement of need
This world needs rebirthing.
Our hearts need deep healing.
Our lives need rebuilding
after all the pointless deaths
we've endured this past year. 
Dear God,
Guns and violence have destroyed
tens of thousands of lives
in America this year.
Tens of thousands. 
We call to You, Adonai,
and beg that you stand
in Din, in Judgment,
of our carelessness
and our callousness at the senseless,
avoidable loss of many human lives. 
We call to you, Adonai,
to infuse our souls
with Chesed, Your Love,
so that we really start to cry out
from the pain our nation has endured
for far too long. 
May we be inspired by You
and act to save many, many lives this coming year.
We know that only then
will we be worthy of a world reborn. Hayom, T…

A Jewish Response to the current refugee crisis in Europe

A Jewish Response to the current refugee crisis in Europe From Ruth Messinger, President of American Jewish World Service

Dear Colleagues,
As people who work for an organization with a big heart and a powerful commitment to the dignity and rights of every person, we are deeply hurt to witness the terrible suffering of Syrian and other refugees who are being allowed to enter some European countries and kept out of others. The images are too close for comfort to those of many of our ancestors who suffered terribly in Europe just 70 years ago. 
American Jewish World Service (AJWS) is highly skilled at aiding refugees in the developing world, including those fleeing persecution and poverty or being forcefully deported from their homes, much like the Dominicans of Haitian descent in the Dominican Republic and the Rohingya Muslims in Burma. For the current refugee crisis unfolding in Europe, we believe we must rely on others who have expertise working on that continent to respond to this crisis…

Learning to Pray [a #poem]

Learning to Pray [a #poem
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor 

I had no idea
what any of this held. 
Oh, I've said, recited, taught,
but never understood.
Now I know.

The words are redundant,
I had thought,
melodies exchangeable.
But they're not.
Now I know.

An attuned heart, wounded enough to hear, strong enough to endure - and the raw sounds raw souls produce - all these are essential for opening one's whole self enough for God to find a home. Now I know.

From @CNSBerkeley: The Men's Shelter Dinner Report

From Netivot Shalom:
The Men's Shelter Dinner Report 
Men's Shelter Report, August 2, 2015 With coaching from Hilla, Dani developed a lovely, new dinner menu:  cilantro-lime rice, homemade baked tortilla chips, burrito bowls, green salad, dessert.  "Burrito bowls, burrito bowls," I muttered while shopping at Smart and Final in San Pablo and at Monterey Market.  What could those be?  Whatever they were, they sure took a lot of fresh vegetables!  With some timely help from residents, I unloaded my little car about 4:30 PM.  There are four prep areas in the Shelter kitchen and by habit and long-time convention they are areas for preparing the entrée, the salad, the dessert and the drinks.  The food got sorted out onto the appropriate prep area and awaited the arrival of our first shift volunteers.  Yonit headed straight for the salad area 'cause that's her specialty.  A flurry of washing and chopping assorted lettuces, cucumbers, olives, radishes, green onions and…