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A TAHARA “HOW TO” -- SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2013 10:00 AM – 12:00 NOON

THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM Those things you don’t want to talk about presents:
Have you ever wondered what actually happens in the secret and mysterious tahara room? Come to Netivot Shalom and see a demonstration of this centuries-old practice. No charge, but donations always appreciated: all adults welcome.
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2013 10:00 AM – 12:00 NOON
Note: food will not be served
Congregation Netivot Shalom 1316 University Ave. Berkeley, CA94702
RSVP not required

Center for Jewish Studies 2014 Winter Intersession & Spring Courses!!

Center for Jewish Studies 2014 Winter Intersession & Spring Courses!!
For more information on these courses please contact CJS at (510)649-2482 or

CoursesWinter Intersession January 6-16, 2014      Reading Classical Jewish SourcesRutie Adler, UC BerkeleyCourse ID: BSHR 3440                     Monday-Friday, 10:00AM - 2:30PM           Location: Hedco at GTUThis course is designed for intermediate Hebrew students to improve their ability to read post-biblical Hebrew texts from the Mishna through the Middle Ages, to modern Hebrew journalistic and literary texts. Students are expected to have at least one year of college Hebrew. Please note, if we do not have more than 5 students, the course will be cancelled. To register: GTU students need to register on WebAdvisor by December 15, 2013. Community auditors are welcome. $150 fee payable to CJSSpring 2014Ancient-Medieval Jewish CivilizationDeena Aranoff, Graduate Theological UnionCourse ID: HSST-2022                    …

Fwd: This is Going to be a Very Special Shabbat!

THIS SHABBAT! Scholar in Residence Shabbat with Rabbi Aaron Alexander! Nov. 1-2
Friday Night Davening 5:30 Dinner* 6:30 rsvp info below Rabbi Alexander will share a teaching during dinner "When Stealing Goes Beyond Objects: How Jacob and Esau Teach Us Legal Justice - Religious Holiness"
*RSVP for dinner to Allie in the shul office at $13/adult, $9/child,  $40 max/family.
Shabbat Day Rabbi Alexander will share the drasha and an after-Birkat haMazon learning "Expressions of Unorthodox Joy: Medieval Sanity & Creativity Exposed in Halakhah" CNS Homepage || CNS Blog  ||  CNS Preschool Amitim  ||  Ketzev: The CNS Youth Chavurah Rabbi Creditor's Blog  ||  Make a Gift to CNS!

Fwd: A Message from Rabbi Menachem Creditor

October 30, 2013 Scholar in Residence Weekend
Rabbi Creditor asked the 3rd-7th graders & their parents- What did you do yesterday to save the world? What will you do today?" Multi-aged groups shared their responses to this powerful question.

CreationTweet 02:

For embodied images of the Divine -vulnerable, relational- perfection is unendurable. So love every holy, imperfect other.

CreationTweet #2

For embodied images of the Divine -vulnerable, relational- perfection is unendurable. So love every holy, imperfect other.

CreationTweet #1

nothing new is born without controversy. but that's how creation works. waters split, earth shakes, & dust lives. r/evolution hurts. 

Every victory against the gun lobby matters!!!

To pass legislation in Congress, we need to convince wavering Senators that keeping guns away from criminals and the dangerously mentally ill will save lives, and that leaders who support gun responsibility win elections.

That's why every election that pits a principled pro-responsibility, pro-gun safety candidate against the gun lobby is so important -- why every victory means so much.

And we have a chance for an important win in Virginia's gubernatorial race one week from today.

We have pledged to counter the NRA's financial involvement in that race dollar-for-dollar, but we need your help to make it happen.

Contribute today and help us score a critical victory for common sense solutions to reduce gun violence.

Virginia Gubernatorial Debate: October 24, 2013

Moderator: "Ted in Blacksburg wants to know do you support or oppose universal background checks...?"

Terry McAuliffe: "Let me answer this first as a parent, as a spouse ... I'm a strong s…

May the memories of Simone and Martin Lipman be a blessing!

This past Shabbat, I served as the first Simone and Martin Lipman Scholar in Residence at Kehillah Synagogue in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Simone and Martin z"l, exemplified Kehillah Synagogue's commitment to social justice, and it was a humbling honor to teach in their memories. 

From the very first moment to the last, I felt the spirits of Martin and Simone z"l alive and well, channeled by their sons Robert and Peter pulsing and challenging each of us to save the world, person by person. I cannot thank Rabbi Jen Feldman, Education Director Sherri Morris, and the entire community enough for the humbling honor of teaching in their memory. May Kehillah's spirit transform the world by hearing the Jewish call for Justice and acting on it, touching one heart and soul at a time.
I share here a small glimpse into who Simone and Martin z"l were. May their memories be a blessing!

                      - rabbi menachem creditor

Simone was born in France in the Alsatian vi…

God is Also Created in the Image of God [#poem]

God is Also Created in the Image of God
(c) Rabbi Menachem Creditor
Treat God kindly, because God is only created in in the Image of God.
And we know how that feels.
Powerful and vulnerable, well-meaning sometimes, mostly alone.

The Blessing of Forgiveness

The Blessing of Forgiveness
(c) Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Forgiveness is so powerful. When someone asks from their heart that you forgive them, that act of forgiveness feels like lifting an anvil off of your own heart, an anvil you couldn't lift alone, a weight that required two lifters. What a holy feeling, and what bravery it requires. Blessed are You, God, Who gives us the strength to forgive and be forgiven.

CNS Drasha for Parashat VaYera: Domestic Violence and Becoming a Sukkat Shalom

CNS Homepage || CNS Blog  ||  CNS Preschool Amitim  ||  Ketzev ||  Rabbi Creditor's Blog  ||  Make a Gift to CNS! Drasha for Parashat VaYera:
Domestic Violence and Becoming a Sukkat Shalom Rivka Greenberg
As I say to all of you, Shabbat Shalom, the meaning of the phrase is doubled this morning. "Shabbat Shalom" is indeed the traditional greeting on this day of Shabbat.  But my presence here today is also because of "The Shabbat Shalom Campaign" of Shalom Bayit, our Bay Area's local agency working to prevent domestic violence in the Jewish community.  Shalom Bayit has asked that all synagogues incorporate a drash on domestic violence in October to support Domestic Violence awareness month. Full disclosure - I am not only a member of Netivot Shalom; I am also the board chair of Shalom Bayit.Click the image for the Shalom Bayit Website!  CNS members interestedin working on  Netivot Shalom abuse policy/ protocol/learnings are invited to email Rivka Greenberg at  inf…