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Running: A Prayer after the Attack on Boston

Running: A Prayer after the Attack on Boston
© Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Dear God,

Adonai, we are hurt and we are angry and we are confused and we are lost and we don't have answers.

We turn to You yet again and share our anguish as we scream:

Where were You when the bombs exploded?
Where were You when an 8-year old was murdered and scores of Your Images were shattered?

We can't know all the answers, but we call to You for strength and comfort, because we need You.

Help us pray.

Help us pray for the families of those who died. Merciful One, we have no words, but we ask You to be a Comforting Presence with them and with us.

Help us pray for those injured in the midst of physical celebration and spiritual fellowship. Merciful One, grant them the courage to continue their daily living.

Help us pray for the vigilance and care of emergency responders and medical professionals, tending to those local to the attack. God, guide their hands and hearts.

Help us pray that that our elected leaders respond with wisdom and justice, that this horrible event not hold us back - as Americans, as Jews, and as Global Citizens - from gathering as community. Terror's goal is scaring us from being together. Strengthen our resolve to be together, Adonai.

We are not afraid, we shall not become afraid, and we will affirm the sanctity of community.

We do feel Your Spirit, Adonai, in runners who kept running past that scarred finish line to donate their own blood in trauma centers.

We do feel Your Spirit in rivers of overflowing compassion that can't erase horror but can fill our hearts with what is hopeful and what is good.

We do you feel Your Spirit in the breathing we now labor to continue. And with every breath, we feel Your support.

Adonai, we are Your Images, and we pray with all we are, all we have, all we hold dear, that our world be blessed with peace.


Rabbi Menachem Creditor

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