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This Chanukah, Give Gelt for Global Change! -- #ajws #bringlight

Gelt for Global Change
From Ruth Messinger

Use your gelt for global change.

Make a donation to AJWS in honor of a friend or loved one, and you'll receive a beautiful, downloadable certificate to present to them during the holiday season.

Make your Chanukah gift now.
For me, Chanukah is family time, rich in memories of lighting candles to recall a miracle in ancient times, indulging in savory potato latkes, playing with dreidels and noshing on sweet Chanukah gelt—chocolates shaped like coins wrapped in foil.

These memories mean the world to me, yet this Chanukah I am focused on shaping a just future for those who have the least. So instead of buying another gadget, widget, or app as a gift, this year I am giving what I like to call "Gelt for Global Change." And I hope you'll do the same.

This Chanukah, join me in giving a gift to AJWS. Honor someone you care about—either an old friend who shares your values or a young person you want to inspire to help people around the world.

Many years ago, children were given bits of money, or gelt, for Chanukah. Now, you can support global justice by giving Chanukah gelt in honor of a friend or a young person you love. And in doing this, you will witness the miracle of caring about people who live very different lives, very far away.

When you make a Chanukah gift in their honor, you'll be sharing with them the value of promoting educational and economic opportunities for women and girls in the developing world, helping local people in poor countries grow their own food, and so much more.

Here's how your Chanukah gelt will drive global change in three steps:
  1. You send Chanukah gelt to AJWS in the name of someone you love.
  2. AJWS invests your gelt in grassroots groups in more than 20 countries around the world.
  3. Community by community, these grassroots groups organize to promote human rights and end hunger.
Giving a Chanukah gift through AJWS will create lasting change both in the world and in the hearts and minds of the people you love.

So this Chanukah, why not honor your loved ones while making change in the world? Chanukah is all about miracles and light and, this year, you can help create them where they're most needed.

On behalf of everyone at AJWS—Happy Chanukah!

Ruth Messinger
Ruth W. Messinger
President, AJWS

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