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A Missile Hit Jerusalem: The Jewish People, wherever we are, was attacked today in our very heart.

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A Note from Rabbi Creditor
A Missile Hit Jerusalem

Rocket over Jerusalem (Photo: Or Saban, Ynet)
Dear Chevreh,
Every week we recite a Misheberach for the State of Israel, and each week we pray for the safety and return of Tzahal, the Israeli Defense Forces. 

We need to pray harder right now. Scores of missiles have rained into Israel, hitting Be'er Sheva, Rishon LeTziyon (on the edge of Tel Aviv), and just this morning a missile landed in Jerusalem.

The loss of ANY human life is wrong, and ending what appears to be a worsening situation is going to take enormous effort from all sides. I personally believe that things are about to get worse. And very scary headlines and status updates and calls from friends and families will once again be "the norm" for at least the next few days. 

The news, somehow, is focused at the moment on the "twitter-wars", where both Hamas and the Israeli government are feverishly using social media to communicate. But attacks in the virtual world aren't what's costing lives. Missiles from Hamas are. 

The Jewish People, wherever we are, were just attacked in our very heart.

May the days ahead find, somehow, everyone on every side calmer and closer to and end to this latest round of destruction. Every person on earth deserves better. Our family is only one family of many, but it is ours. And our hearts are viscerally connected. May our family do what it must to be safe, with as little harm as possible to anyone else. May our homeland and all its inhabitants, Jewish and not, be safe.

Shabbat Shalom - Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem,
Rabbi Creditor


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