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Magen Tzedek: The Most Important Contribution of the Conservative/Masorti Movement

Dear Chevreh,

Please see below an email from Magen Tzedek, which I believe is the single-most important contribution of the Conservative/Masorti Movement to the larger Jewish community in recent time.  For all the negative hype on internal politics in our Movement, this sacred initiative is precisely what we stand for, and deserves our strong support.  Please consider making a Pesach gift to Magen Tzedek, c/o the Rabbinical Assembly.  For more information, please read below and visit

An Early Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach,

Rabbi Menachem Creditor
Congregation Netivot Shalom  || Bay Area Masorti  || 
Rabbis for Women of the Wall  || 
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Magen Tzedek Header


The mission of the Magen Tzedek Commission is to bring the Jewish commitment to ethics and social justice directly into the marketplace...and the home. The Commission's seal of approval, the Magen Tzedek, will help assure consumers that kosher food products were produced in keeping with the highest possible Jewish ethical values and ideals for social justice in the area of labor concerns, animal welfare, environmental impact, consumer issues and corporate integrity.


The Magen Tzedek, the world's first Jewish ethical certification seal, synthesizes the aspirations of a burgeoning international movement for sustainable, responsible consumption and promotes increased sensitivity to the vast and complex web of global relationships that bring food to our tables.



Magen Tzedek is more than just a new food certification; it is a philosophy that supports an ethical commitment to Workers, Animals and the Earth in the production of kosher food. Over a relatively short period of time, Magen Tzedek has grown to become a central part of any discussion about kashrut. Its central idea is both simple and profound. We depend on the generous support of people like you who believe that kashrut is not just what we eat but how we are to live.

THIS year for in honor of Passover, consider making a contribution of double CHAI ($36 or more if you are able) to support the good work of Magen Tzedek.  We will complete our third beta test immediately after Passover and will begin accepting applications for our seal in May and June.  By Rosh Hashana you will be able to buy food products which have attained a MAGEN TZEDEK seal.


Contributions may be sent to


%Rabbinical Assembly

3080 Broadway

New York, New York 10027

Or on line at   

Magen Tzedek


Magen Tzedek Letter


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