Special Prayer in response to the fire in the Carmel: תפילה מיוחדת בעקבות האסון בכרמל

Dear Chevreh,

Attached (and available as a jpeg here: shefanetwork.org/masortitefilahfire.jpg) is a prayer just written by Rabbi Simchah Roth on behalf of the Masorti Movement, to be recited this Shabbat in response to the fire ravaging the North of Israel.  I've crafted a very rough translation (unauthorized), which I offer below. 

May the fire go out, and may healing begin.

Shabbat Shalom,

Special Prayer in response to the fire in the Carmel: תפילה מיוחדת בעקבות האסון בכרמל

Adonai, our God, Source of the Spirit of all flesh, in Whose hands rest the souls of the living and the dead, lovingly accept the souls of your creatures, lost in the terrible fire which has ravaged our sacred Land.  Parent of orphans, Judge of widows, bring Your Great Comfort to families in mourning, and strengthen them in their moment of loss and anguish.  Grant wisdom to elected officials and order to our country, that they should be able to investigate and respond to this fire until it is extinguished.  Please God, send rain quickly to our dry, sacred ground, so that we will experience this great pain no more. Though Shabbat is a time to refrain from crying out, may comfort soon arrive, and let us say, Amen.

Rabbi Menachem Creditor
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