Nov 23, 2009

[Shefa] ShefaJournal 5770 - "HaNefesh v'HaGuf" - Call for Submissions!!!

Call for Submissions for ShefaJournal 5770:

"HaNefesh v'HaGuf: The Relationship Between Conservative Judaism and the Conservative Movement"

This journal will be focusing on both the current states of Conservative Judaism and the Conservative Movement as well as their relationship past, present and future. For the purposes of this journal, we will define Conservative Judaism and the Conservative Movement as follows:

"There is a large difference between Conservative Judaism and the Conservative Movement.  One is a system of ideas and commitments; the other is a series of institutions born during particular moments in attempts to give the dream a body, a vehicle for becoming real."
–Rabbi Menachem Creditor, "Shmirat HaGuf: Caring for the Body of Conservative Judaism"

Shmirat HaGuf and the resulting conversation will be a large part of the journal. However, seeing as Shefa has always been a place for us to dream about both Conservative Judaism and the Conservative Movement, we will also return to our previous journals, our chronicles, to find starting points for this new discussion. We will respond to quotes from all of the previous journals that will be distributed first come, first served.

If you are interested in writing for ShefaJournal 5770, please contact me as soon as possible by e-mailing me at

The deadline for submissions will be Sunday, December 13, 2009.

Todah rabah v'hatzlacha!

~Nina S. Kretzmer
Guest Editor, ShefaJournal 5770

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