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Fwd: With a Pained Heart - Arson at a Masorti Congregation in Modi'in

this forward came via Rabbi Andrew Sacks.
It is with great sorrow that we share with you that last night there was an arson attempt on the Masorti congregation, Yedid Nefesh, in Modiin. The unidentified perpetrators set fire to the entryway – causing its destruction. The metal doors prevented the fire from destroying the main structure.
Congregation Yedid Nefesh, established over five years ago, moved into its own building just last year. It was one of the very few structures provided by the State for a non-Orthodox congregation.
It was only ten days ago that a sign was erected identifying the congregation as part of the Masorti Movement.
We join together in our support of Yedid Nefesh and its members. We shall provide for any resouces they request.  See for contact information.
Yizhar Hess
Mankal, Masorti Movement in Israel


Rabbi Menachem Creditor

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