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Ayeka: A Reflection on Genesis 2:9

Ayeka: A Reflection on Genesis 2:9
Rabbi Menachem Creditor

dedicated to my dear teacher Rabbi Neil Gillman


Ayeka?! Where are you?!  I'm Lonely.... and I miss you, and this world is still empty with everything I see when I can't see you.... I Love you, and I Need you.  Do you realize what you're called to be?  Do you realize that if you hide your face from Me the universe shudders?  All the angels on the head of a pin and the totality of non-humans mean nothing to me - they just do what I say or what instinct tells them (which is pretty much the same) but you don't listen to Me and I Love that. 

Your independence wasn't something I thought about in advance, but you're just like Me - I don't listen either!  In fact, I threw Truth to the ground to make you.... What does that mean anyway?  I've never Understood.  Maybe it means that you're worth more to Me than Truth.  Maybe that means that relationship is why I Exist too. 

Ayeka - such a harsh sound to say (I'd know if I had a mouth).  It's as if I choke when I express My Own Loneliness.  (I don't think I can Understand what it must be like for you to experience My Loneliness - can you express what that feels like?  What do you create when you feel that?)  So many people spend so much time denying I exist that they don't take a step back and wonder about why they need to deny Me so emphatically.  Do you think it's because they can't handle the implication of Me?  The burden that then falls upon humanity in the face of a Needy Me? 

I didn't Create with a plan - I Created because I Need to Create.  That's Who I Am.  Who are you?

Rabbi Menachem Creditor

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